For many Australians back pain is a part of life. There are many causes for it; sports injuries, incorrect posture and overweight can all contribute to this problem. Back pain and neck pain can have a negative affect on your lifestyle. Chronic pain and discomfort can lead to poor performance at work and days off sick. Over time the back pain can cause mood swings and depression.

Many people use quick fixes to deal with their back pain. Taking painkillers such as ibuprofen may help in the short term, but without addressing the cause of the pain the problem will only persist and worsen. To really stop the problem for good you need to find the cause of the problem. If you suffer from back pain then making an appointment with a chiropractor is a great way to get on the road to recovery.

How Does a Chiropractor Work?

Chiropractic is a system which focuses on improving health and decreasing pain by making sure the musculoskeletal system, in particular the spine, is in working order and proper alignment. A chiropractor is a medical professional who has undertaken university level studies specialising in the discipline, usually of around five years in duration.

A chiropractor works on the basis that when the vertebrae of the spine are not in alignment that health is negatively effected. Not only do we experience pain and have out posture effected, but bad spinal alignment can also cause headaches, mood swings, poor concentration and a weak immune system. The musculoskeletal system is closely linked with the nervous system. When one is not healthy the other will suffer too.

A session with a chiropractor will begin with an assessment of your health. Your lifestyle will be taken into account, things like your workload, family life and exercise level will all form part of the treatment program prescribed. Your spine alignment will be checked and your posture and flexibility analysed.

After an initial evaluation your chiropractor will propose a plan of action to help with your pain. It may involve as little as one treatment session or it could be something that occurs over a longer period of time. Other lifestyle approaches may need to be taken, you may be encouraged to try new exercises such as yoga and pilates which help with core strength, to eat better foods and drink more water.

A chiropractor will use a range of methods to correct any imbalances in your musculoskeletal system. They can include massage, adjustments and other treatments.