While there are many different ailments that are a frequent cause of a trip to the doctor’s office, one of the most common is lumbar back pain. Many people are often in a lot of pain due to their aching backs, but there are a number of different treatment options available that can help relieve the pain. Since surgery is not always the best option, there are five other treatment methods that can be used instead. Physical therapy, medication, spinal injections, chiropractic care, and alternative medicine treatments are the most popular treatment methods.

Physical therapy is an excellent way to relieve pain and can be used at home when the pain persists. Although this method will not fix the problem, it is a temporary treatment that can be used at any time. By using a therapy, such as hot and cold therapy, water therapy, and massage therapy, along with specific exercises that target the back muscles, pain can be reduced considerably. Stretching exercises can be used to increase the flexibility of the back and strengthening exercises can be used to help the spine in times of stress.

While medication is often the last thing anyone wants to take, when dealing with lumbar back pain, it can be quite helpful. Most of the medications taken to relieve pain are sold over-the-counter, but more powerful medications may be necessary through a prescription. NSAIDs are helpful in reducing the inflammation and Acetaminophen is helpful in relieving the pain.

Spinal injections may be necessary for those who are suffering from back pain on a regular basis and they can help doctors understand where the pain is actually coming from. A Facet Joint Injection can reduce the pain and inflammation from pain associated with the facet joint in the spine. An Epidural Injection is necessary if the pain is coming from the epidural space and nerve root. While these are both very helpful, they should not be the only treatment method.

Chiropractic treatments can work to realign the spine and reduce the occurrence of lumbar back pain. Manual detection of the problem is the first step in chiropractic care, along with careful applied pressure and massage, manipulation of the spine, exercise, and lifestyle counseling.

Alternative medicine is one that has become quite popular as many people wish to use natural substances instead of medications and surgery to correct their health concerns. Acupuncture and herbal medicine are very popular as their roots extend back in time and they are both very effective. Biofeedback techniques are also helpful to many as they use mental and physical exercises to help relieve the pain.

Whichever treatment method is chosen is entirely up to the patient, but these are the top five being used for back pain throughout the world today. When surgery is not the option you wish to consider, one of these other treatment methods may work instead.