If you are a woman, you surely would love nail designs. In fact, chances are you are looking for new designs to wow your friends. So, what are the new types of nail designs that are popular today? There are different types of designs and while you can easily create your own new design it is always a great idea to know what is popular today and what is not. After all, knowing today’s fashion isn’t a bad idea, is it?

Can you think what is the amount of awesomeness you can pack into a space the dimension of, well, a fingernail? Evidently, the response is just restricted by your creativity. Look at the arrangement of stunning illustrations of nail craft that is simple and elegant and you will know that you can actually create innumerable designs.

Unique nail symbolization

A unique nail symbolization configuration looks truly cool. We have to utilize a considerable measure of shades for a theoretical looking nails. Great examples of stencils are required for this outline.

Stimulating wave nail design

An electrifying wave pattern can be made by means of airbrush and a good template of the form of the wave. Your nail will look different and others are sure to be awed as well.

Aquarium nail art

Aquarium configuration is performed on fake nails. The picture is made by utilizing shade acrylics. The example is alternatively supplemented by spangles, glues, foil, dried blossoms. At that point acrylic covering is applied on the nail. This makes the impact of a curved glass. To the touch it is as smooth as a nail without any design. Furthermore, the picture is three-dimensional, and might be seen as though under aquarium glass.

3D nail design of nail art

3D nail art configuration transformed into a wonderful and one of a kind symbolization, a unique gimmick demonstrating the way that it is carefully assembled by craftsmen. This type of configuration is performed with the utilization of different fingernail displaying and fingernail enlargement innovations utilizing diverse materials: color acrylics, extraordinary gels and cyanoacrylate paste. Utilizing these materials, the fingernail creator makes blooms, leaves, animals and birds, and so forth.

Photographic design of nail art

Photograph nail outline is another pattern in nail outlines that is getting popular today. Photograph configuration is the application of photographs or pictures. Imagine having different designs and pictures in the fingernails It is performed with nail printers that can apply many colors making intricate designs on eight counterfeit nails simultaneously.