If you are a woman, it’s a known fact that you will love nail designs. However, did you know that polishing and decorating one’s nail is something that has been done for thousands of years? True, you might get a nail polish brand today that did not exist a century ago but that does not mean women did not color their nails before.

How the art of nail designs developed

3000 years Before Christ, the Chinese utilized polish on their nails. They applied the polish and left it for a few hours. The result that they got were pinkish finish nails. This was the start of nail craft. The Indians likewise drilled nail art in a comparable period utilizing a color inferred from the Henna plant. Egyptians were the next civilization that utilized nail art at an opportune time. For Egyptians, their fingers told the status of the society they belonged to. The shade of women nails was utilized to recognize what class they were in. An alternate mother of nail workmanship was the Inca human civilization who really painted pictures of birds on their fingertips.

Modernization of nail design

The modernization of nail configuration started right in the nineteenth century. Orange wood sticks were created in Europe starting in the methodology. Present day nail treatments started with this innovation around 1830. The popularity ultimately provided opportunities to several businesses and salons which began to pop up over the US by late nineteenth century.

Moon manicure

After the formation of the vehicles and all the more peremptorily the large scale manufacture of them, another scope of paints entered the business in the interest of auto devotees giving new life to nail symbolization. One of the first designs was the ‘moon manicure’. This nail craft outline included works of art in the center of the nail while the moon of the nail was left unpainted.

Latest metallic nails range

Nail wraps like the metallic nails range is a pre-printed plan from an advanced printer, taking into account complex designs and reflective metallic finishes that cannot be achieved through conventional routines. They are connected with heat enactment and take into consideration plans to be done in a small amount of time. They continue for more than a month and really are the most recent advance in nail art.

There are plenty of different ways you can decorate your nails. The question is, which method do you prefer?