Most ladies need to pamper themselves. In fact, when it comes to pampering, there is nothing as delightful as the time spent in a spa or saloon. However, not many have the cash or time to go to a proficient salon. Well, did you know that even with little money in your hands, you still can get a manicure by yourself? Here are a few tips on how to do it. Remember, pampering yourself time to time is never a bad idea. We all need to refresh ourselves and deserve a break from our mundane lives. Think about it. If you are a woman, doing manicure is a great way to feel happy. However, you always need to be careful as to the procedure you are using for manicure.

Sound care is essential

The health of your nails is exceptionally vital in light of the fact that, without healthy nails, regardless of what nail polish you use, your nails will never look great in them. Thus carry out the following first:

Wet your hands with a hand cream, or immerse your hands in warm water for about 5 to 10 minutes. Your skin will be wet and supple now and hence delicately push back your fingernail skin to uncover a greater part of your nail. With a nail file you can even out any crude spots on your nails.

Use acetone-free polishes

It’s best to use nail polishes that are acetone-free as they are safer for your nails. Most customary nail polishes have chemicals, which may trigger hypersensitive reactions.

A perfect finish

As your nails now appear immaculate as well as healthy, now is the ideal time to choose your most loved color and painstakingly apply the shine with even, light strokes.

Apply strengthener to your newly painted nails

Nail strengtheners are clear liquid polish that when used will help in protecting the life span of your nails, and in addition helps the nail polish to last longer. It likewise serves as a shield barrier to breaking off and shedding and in fact tones up your nails.

Let your nail polish dry completely

After you are finished with your particular nail trim, permit some point for your newly covered nail shine to dry – this may take more or less around 30 minutes.

Of course, there are other methods too to ensure that the manicure is done properly. You can always go to a saloon to have the manicure done as well.