21st Century, an era where everything and anything is ought to be specific, to be precise, to be on the spot and of course, to be specialized! When we put light on the word Special, we feel surrounded by a comfort zone. A zone wherein we can be completely dependent on the specialization of the subject matter. One such specialized professional that we all need at some point or the other in our lives is an Eye Surgeon. They are the doctors of the eye. It requires a lot of post-secondary study & training to achieve that level.

They are the Doctors of Medicines. In the medical world, they are conferred as Ophthalmologists. They can be a regular eye check up specialist or a full fledged surgeon.

As they perform operation on the eye, they are considered to be both Surgical (MS) & Medical (MD) specialists.

As today’s world requires a hell lot of stressful physical as well mental activities, having an eye surgeon by your side is a must. Since eyes are among the very delicate & very vital organs of our body, they require extensive & exclusive care. This care can only be achieved with the help of a specialist. In the earlier days (17th & 18th centuries), all the treatments related to eyes were performed with hands, with the minimum availability of medical instruments. But, with the evolvement of time & medical practices world wide, life is much easier for the Ophthalmologists. Ophthalmologists perform the following impairments among many:

Ø Laser Eye Surgery – Sealing of a retinal tear

Ø Cataract Surgery – Visual loss is operated by replacing the lens with a plastic intraocular lens.

Ø Glaucoma Surgery – Vision loss is repaired that is affecting the optic nerve.

Ø Canaloplasty – Advanced non-penetrating procedure designed to enhance drainage through the eye’s natural drainage system.

Ø Refractive Surgery – It corrects the errors of refraction in the eye, reducing the need for corrective lenses.

Ø Corneal Surgery – Includes most refractive surgery.

Ø Eye Muscular Surgery – It corrects the non-alignments of eyes with each other.

Ø Eyelid Surgery – Plastic Surgery of the eyelids to remove the excessive skin or fat.

Gone are the days when a hefty sum of amount was charged for even a regular eye check up. With the advancement of Medical world & new and improved treatments, Eye Surgeon charge affordable fees with the best of medications with the help of updated technology. They are available even on the 11th hour! Such is the need, importance & audacity of an Ophthalmologist.