Human eyes are vital organs that provide the possibility of vision to humans. They could also perceive the depth at which an object is placed. In addition to that they are able to differentiate between 10 million colors. Eyes of humans have several components such as the cornea, the lens and the retina. While the transparent cornea provides the protection to the eye, the lens focuses the light that falls on it on the retina in order to enable the eye to recognize an image.

In case your eyes are being examined by an ophthalmologist, he will use the ophthalmoscope in order to examine your eye. With this instrument it is easy to examine human eyes for various ailments. Therefore, it is a good idea to get your eyes examined once in a way as early diagnosis is the best way to cure some of the problems with your eyes. Ruptured blood vessels in the eyes are common symptoms of high blood pressure.

Eye irritation is the most common problem encountered by human eyes. There are several factors that could contribute to this. Discomfort, dryness and redness are symptoms of this problem. Many people believe that the indoor air pollution contributes to this problem in a big way. However, the irritation of eyes is brought about by the destabilization of the tear film on the outer eye. When dry spots are formed in it the irritation begins. Various occupations that offer no rest to the eyes could trigger this.

Aging also affects human eyes and without the influence of any external factors the eyesight might get weakened. Loss of capability on focusing and the reduced size of pupils are the most common problems encountered with aging. When the pupil becomes smaller the amount of light received on the retina also becomes smaller resulting poorer vision. This is why older people need more light to perform visual tasks that are performed by lights of less intensity by younger people.

Near sight and far sight are also common problems involved with human eyes. These could be corrected easily with the use of spectacles which have lenses that could make the correction. The ophthalmologist will examine the patient’s eye and will recommend the right lenses that could correct the problem. Those who are compelled to wear glasses due to old age need bifocal lenses in them. These lenses are able to help them solve their problems with eyesight.