PRE-OPERATIVE INSTRUCTIONS (On the day of the Laser correction surgery):

• Have Regular breakfast or Lunch on the day of lasik.

• Please do not use eye make-up (eye liner, kajal etc.) one day prior to and on the day of surgery.

• Perfumes and deodorants should be avoided on the day of surgery.

• Stay off contact lenses preferably before week before surgery (reaffirm with your doctor for the duration depending on lens-type)


• You will be given a consent form, please read the form carefully and fill it in as indicated.

• You may required few tests before the surgery

• The area around the eyes will be prepared with anti-septic solutions and your hair will be covered and taped back.

• Do not touch your face after this

• After that anesthetic drops will be instilled into your eyes.

• You will be taken into the laser suite where you will undergo Laser treatment.

• All you will have to do is follow your doctor’s instructions and look at a flashing light above you.

The laser surgery time is only 10 to 90seconds (depending upon the spectacle power), although you may be inside the surgery suite for 15 to 20 minutes What happens after treatment? After the treatment, you will rest with your eyes closed in a recovery area for an hour. After an hour your surgeon will examined your eyes. You will be given medications (Eye drops). You will receive eye shields to prevent you from rubbing your eyes while asleep. You will be advised to wear dark glasses to protect your eyes from strain because they will be sensitive to bright light for a short period of time.

POST-OPERATIVE INSTRUCTIONS Protection and care of the operated eye(s)

• Rest on the day of Laser Surgery.

• Do not rub or touch your eyes.

• Eyes must be protected from direct pressure, injury or blows.

• Use dark glasses in sunlight and the eye shields supplied should be taped over the eyes at bedtime to void accidental rubbing of the eyes in sleep for 2 days.

• You can brush your teeth normally, sponge wipe your face and bath below the neck from the very next day. Head bath is permitted after 2 days.

• Can start normal diet immediately after the surgery.

• Do not carry babies in your arms or even play with children and pets immediately after surgery they might injure the operated eye inadvertently.

• You can resume your work after 2-3 days. Dusty field work, contact sports, showering directly on the face, swimming in public pools & bathtubs etc. should be avoided for one month after the surgery.

• Avoid splashing water into the eyes for up to one week after the surgery.

• Watching T.V., reading & working on computer is permitted after the surgery.

• Eye make-up should be avoided for 2 weeks after eye surgery. This includes facials and threading.

Warning: Contact your Surgeon immediately if the following takes place:

1. Pain with sudden drop in vision.

2. Direct injury to the operated eye.

3. Severe pain ( not irritation)

Treatment advised:

1. Antibiotic drops for 1 week

2. Anti-inflammatory eye drops for 2 weeks

3. Lubricating eye drops for 2-3 months

Is the treatment permanent?

Yes. VISX CustomVue LASIK is permanent. One treatment is all that most people need. However, some patients (less than 2 %) may need some additional treatment to find tune their vision.

Visual Rehabilitation

You will start seeing immediately. Your vision will keep improving over a period of next 2-3 days. You may experience some after effects of the treatment. Most of these are quite normal and will disappear quickly. They could include dry eyes and a gritty sensation. Hazy unstable vision and a glare in the night vision is a possibility and overall tenderness of the eye may persist temporarily. Fluxions in vision with mild headache may experienced in the first 3-4 days after surgery.