Do you worry about your vision? Do you find that you have to periodically get stronger correction in your glasses or contact lenses?

Most of us experience vision deterioration to some degree. We probably regret this but just think ourselves unlucky, or a natural part of getting older. Most of us probably do not think of other possible causes, unless there is disease or injury. Poor vision is a pretty general term and doesn’t really tell us much. For many people poor vision is the extent of their understanding. They don’t see well. Their vision has deteriorated and now they wear glasses, oh well.

The same may be true for some people with other specific health complaints. It might be pain, cholesterol, fatigue, etc. Some people just want the “quick fix.” “Give me something to stop the pain now.” “Give me a pill.” Many are not so much concerned about the cause of the ailment, just fix it.

The “quick fix” is really just a mask. Take the mask away and the pain, etc. is still there. To a certain degree the same thing can be said about glasses. Millions of people wear glasses and it is a small price to pay to correct the vision. Glasses and contact lenses, much like pain medication, do not fix the underlying problem. But, we are all glad for pain medications when we need it and glad for corrective lenses.

Hopefully, your personal physician will give you something for pain (for example) while he investigates the underlying cause of that pain. When he finds the cause of the symptom he can work with you to put the permanent “fix” so you will not have to take something for pain.

If you knew some of the most common causes of poor vision requiring the use of corrective lenses, could that help in treating those causes before your vision worsens? By now you may be wondering if it is really possible to prevent worsening vision and to get rid of corrective lenses.

Let’s talk about a few of those causes and see if there is really something we can do to eliminate that root cause and not just mask it. The methods I will suggest will not cost you much, only some time and a little effort. Methods anyone can at least try. When you read these methods they will make sense to you, just like rest and exercise will help other areas of your body.

The number one worst thing we can do to our eyes is to strain them. Society has changed over the years. Looking back years when society was more rural and agrarian more people worked out-of-doors. Our eyes thrived in that environment. They were exercised and moved as they like to.

Today, fewer of us work in that environment. Fewer of us exercise out-of-doors. We go to the gym to exercise more and more. We stay indoors and watch television and spend hours on the computer. Our eyes are not as happy. They don’t get the exercise they need and want. They often become tired and strained.

Stress, both internal and external, is another culprit that takes its toll on the body and on our eyes. Whether the stress is from our employment, financial problems, or other personal issues, it takes a toll on our eyes and vision through accompanying strain.

I understand it sounds easy; “just get rid of your stress.” Hold on, it is not that easy to get rid of stress. Not that easy, but certainly possible, and definitely worth the effort.

We have talked about eye-strain, stress, exercise and relaxation for our eyes. Nutrient availability and pollution toxins also cause grief for our eyes and vision.

Notice, we have not mentioned diseases of the eye. That is a job for the eye professional. Visit that eye professional and have a thorough eye examination. It is worth the time, effort and cost.

We can all reduce strain on our eyes. I have shown some of the causes and talked about what our eyes want and need in order to be more healthy. There is much more to know and there are places you can go to learn some simple methods to help our eyes as they help us to see clearly.