Fall fashion for 2012 would be all about retro. So, if you have always chided your grandmother for her taste in fashion, then you might be sorry as you might find yourself raiding her closet this fall.

Fall 2012 will see the rise of lace and florals, tweeds, and shawls, all with a touch of retro. Even eyewear would follow the retro trend.

How to Choose Retro Eyeglasses

Remember that choosing the best retro eyeglasses for you is not all about size. A lot of women think that when you say retro, you should look for the biggest eyeglasses you can find.

That is not true. Like all eyewear, retro eyeglasses should be in proportion to your face and should match its shape.

If you are wearing prescription eyeglasses, you can get your new retro eyeglasses outfitted with prescription lenses. This should save you some money as you won’t need a stylish pair when you go out and a different one when you’re at school or at work. With stylish and fashionable prescription eyeglasses, you do not have to be blind as a bat in order to be trendy.

Furthermore, you can get discount eyeglasses online so that you can look fab without having to drain your bank account!

Safe and Understated

On the other end of the spectrum, Fall 2012 is also a time where a muted, almost unnoticeable pair of eyeglasses is fashionable. We are talking about simple lines and classic looks. No geek chic eyeglasses that are sooo last year.

So if you are not comfortable with large eyeglasses covering your face, or if you can’t find the right pair of retro eyeglasses for you, you might want to consider the muted and classic styles. This is also a safe bet for metrosexual men who want to look stylish without being outlandish.

Fall Eyewear Fashion: Sunglasses

The best thing about fall is that the sun is not that intense, so you can be more adventurous and free to experiment with your sunglasses for the season.

This is the time to try out lighter colored lens or even gradient lenses. A lot of designer sunglasses brands are coming out with styles that use gradient lenses, such as Ray-Ban’s RB3476 – 004/8G.

It is okay to try out colors as well. Lenses could take on different tints and shades and you are no longer stuck with green, gray or black anymore. There are shades with purple and yellow-tinted lens.

Yet, do not stop with just the lenses. You can get frames with colorful prints to jazz up your style during the fall. Patterned frames are also going to be big during the fall months. Go for something really eye catching and unusual.

Of course, retro sunglasses are also in vogue. So if you have fallen in love with oversized sunglasses that protected your eyes during the summer, you can always use that for a pop of style on your face. Fall retro sunglasses, however, have lighter colored lenses that allow your eyes to be seen behind the tint. In fact, fall sunglasses should clearly show your eyes.

Another summer 2012 favorite that would cross over to fall are tortoise shell, so if you do not find great patterned sunglasses, you can still create a stylish look with tortoise shell frames.

As for the shape, there are two forms that are going to be big during fall 2012. One is the cat’s eye, like the fabulous cat eye glasses from Marc by Marc Jacobs, with its black frame and oversized dimensions. This pair would be great with any look, making it not only very functional and useful, but very flexible, too. Nope, you do not have to wear a beehive to pull this off this year. Think more of Lisa Loeb. This is probably good news for women as cat eye-shaped sunglasses complement any face shape from heart, to square, to diamond, to round.

Another shape that is trending now are the round-shaped sunglasses. In fact, circular frames have been in style since earlier, during the summer and spring season. Fall will continue to be a time for round sunglasses.

Mix them all together

When we said that fall was a time to experiment with your eyewear, we were not kidding. The trick to getting the best and in look for fall 2012 without seeming like just one of the flock is combining what’s hip and finding your own style. You can have retro cat’s eye sunglasses, or a pair of small round sunglasses. It depends on how you dress, your face’s shape and your own personal taste.

Just remember to keep colors bright and the lenses light. You really do not need the darker shades that you needed for summer as the sun may not be as bright and you might end up walking around in shades that are too dark for you to see safely and clearly.

Again, if you wear prescription glasses, you can get prescription sunglasses as well. This will help you be safe and comfortable. It is more convenient too. You do not have to take off your sunglasses when driving and you can look fashionable without too much effort.

Prescription sunglasses may be made out of almost any frame, you just have to tell the optometrist about your prescription.