A massage therapy is an age old procedure that was practiced by the Chinese and the Indians as a treatment method for injuries and muscle ailments. It is essentially a technique in which a trained masseur manipulates the soft tissues, muscles and pressure points of your body to provide relief from pain and also for general well being and health improvement.

In the recent years, this touch therapy has gained widespread popularity as it is an excellent stress buster and also provides relaxation and rejuvenation for the physical and mental well being. In a massage, the body is subjected to various types of movements ranging from gentle stroking to deep kneading depending on the result desired. This technique offers a wide range of benefits including pain relief, improved blood circulation and immunity, relaxation, relieves muscle tension and also evokes a sense of peacefulness and calmness to de-stress the body and mind.

There are more than a hundred different types of massage and the only way to choose the right one is to take the advice of a specialist at a wellness center or spa. You will be first subjected to a detailed physical examination and also your medical history, lifestyle and diet pattern noted down for the therapist to understand your problems and to prescribe the right type of treatment. One of the most popular among the various types is the aromatherapy technique in which essential oils derived from plants are used for the touch therapy. This one is extremely beneficial for those who are undergoing depression and anxiety as aroma oils are excellent mood stimulants and also stress busters.

The lymphatic massage is another popular one and has more medical benefits; in this gentle and rhythmic strokes are used to boost lymphatic circulation. Patients recovering from breast cancer and other inflammatory conditions can benefit immensely from this therapy as it helps to reduce swelling and inflammation. Reflexology procedures have also become very popular especially the Thai style foot reflexology in which thumb and finger movements are used on the pressure points to alleviate stress and tension. A session of this foot massage will provide you with great relaxation and relief from many aches and pains.

Another famous one is the Swedish massage in which the masseur makes use of pressure techniques and strokes to improve blood circulation and also promote detoxification. This is excellent for people who have had tendon and ligament injuries and also helps to improve mental and psychological well being. Shiatsu is another form of this age old touch therapy devised by the Chinese centuries ago. In this technique, fingers and hands are used to create pressure at specific problem areas of the body for pain relief and also to channelize the body’s energy. It is an excellent procedure for those who are looking only for relaxation and rejuvenation from all kinds of stress and tensions.

Integrative touch and compassionate touch are two other recent massage techniques that are used increasingly among people who are hospitalized or suffering from terminal illness. The sensitive touch therapy enables the patient to calm down and relax along with providing emotional well being.