Genetically modified plants are used in the manufacture of various kinds of pharmaceutical products. Because of rising efforts of pharmaceutical plants these days it is possible to use alternatives like botanical resources due to the scarcity of organism for manufacture of various medications.

Normally, organisms like yeasts and bacteria are used in the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals. In the way plants can also used for medicinal purposes like animals. Various pharma plants have been cultivated in many countries and they have already manufactured medications which are under clinical tests. Some of the pharma crops which are released for trial are tobacco, soya, maize and oilseed.

Biotechnological plants posses great potential to manufacture pharmaceuticals like blood clotting proteins, vaccines, antibodies, growth hormones, structural substances including anti-viral, collagen and antimicrobial and several enzymes. These plants largely focus on manufacture of antibodies from genetically engineered plants and they are also occupied in many projects to manufacture therapeutic antibodies which can treat of diseases like immunity disorders, cancer and other infections.

There are many advantages of using botanical resources in biotechnological plants. They can increase pharmaceuticals production capacity to meet the demands of the market. At the same can produce very low cost medications involving various easy methods of manufacturing process. Additional advantage is that cell structures of plant is like of the of cell structure of human begins,

The cultivation of pharma plants has introduced many environmental safety issues. Many studies revealed that the manufacture of pharmaceuticals from genetically engineered plants can present a danger as these pharma plants and food plants can get mixed up. Many safety precautions need to be taken to reduce the risks in use of non-food crops in Biotechnological Plants.

Chemical analysis of pharmaceuticals has shown dangerous side effects on both staff and patients treated with various drugs. But biotechnology plants produces clean drugs by using use biological process of drug synthesis. As such these plants are becoming great success in pharmaceutical industry.