Are you interested in increasing your penis size and want to know how long to Jelq? I am going to explain this effective penis enlargement technique to help you learn the correct Jelq techniques and grow a 9 inch monster!

I am going to answer if Jelqing is a real exercise, explain what are the best jelq techniques and how long to jelq to get the best results for you.

Is Jelqing A Real Penis Enlargement Exercise?

Some guys that are doing their research are sometimes concerned about what does not work and what really does work. This is fair enough, because you do not want to waste your time with an ineffective exercise that is just eating your time. If I am asked is Jelqing a real penis enlargement exercise? I would have to say, of course! If you have tried and failed with it before, this is probably because you have either not been using the right jelq techniques, or you did not follow through long enough before giving up.

What Are The Best Jelq Techniques?

The best jelq techniques are very simple, but need you to invest time to get results. Let me explain the best jelq technique – never perform this exercise without warming up, that would be a big mistake! Once you have warmed up, lubricate your penis well, to make sure that you have no problems with friction. Now clamp your hand around the base of your shaft and hold your penis tightly using your thumb and finger.

Stroke your hand up your penis towards the head, however do not touch the head, are you with me? So, stop before you get to the head. As soon as you finish a stroke, immediately get your free hand and repeat the action. This will cause a continual stroking action.

How Long To Jelq?

For the best results you need to do this daily. If you want to know how long to jelq, you need to do this every day for about 150 stokes. Gradually increase the strokes over a 4 week period up to about 400 strokes. It should take no longer than 3 minutes per day. The trick with this penis enlargement exercise is consistency. You can grow a 9 inch penis but you need to stick with it even if it seems like it is not working.

If you are the impatient type, you need to look at another exercise and forget jelq techniques.