In winter, the thermometer does not hesitate to go below zero. Our face and our hands are then much more exposed to external aggressions. They suffer much more at this time of the year by becoming very dry. It is therefore important to take good action to properly hydrate his hands to prevent them from suffering. Overview tips to have soft hands.

Hands, a very fragile part of the body

Hands and face are in constant contact with the outside world. The assaults are multiple such as the use of household products, repeated washing, drying, itching, irritation or hot water. The skin is constantly attacked and becomes more sensitive. However, we do not get used to pampering our hands and they end up aging quickly.

Protect your hands with gloves

For starters, when you go out in cold weather, think about wearing gloves. These must be leather and not too tight to avoid irritation. I advise you to take stuffed for comfort. These will protect you from both the wind and the cold. Remember to take them as soon as the temperature drops below 10 ° C.

In addition, when cleaning at home, also consider using latex gloves not to be in direct contact with household products. This advice is also valid when you do the dishes.

Adopt a good daily hydration

In winter, more than anything, the hydration of the hands is very important. These must be done several times a day and especially after a wash because it is the moment when they dry up as quickly as possible. I advise you to choose a hand cream special winter bio. The latter will be richer in vegetable oil, shea butter and superfatting products that will naturally create a protective barrier.

This gesture and renew several times a day when you feel that your hands are dry. You must understand that it is the regularity of the application of the cream that makes its effectiveness and not the product itself.

This little moment must be a pleasure and do not forget to apply your cream before going to bed. If it is too fat, the trick is to wear cotton gloves to penetrate the cream deep throughout the night. When you wake up, your hands will be all soft and nourished.

Hand massage

In order to reactivate the blood circulation, to evacuate the tensions of the everyday life and to give you a moment of pleasure, I advise you to carry out a massage of the hands before going to bed at night. You can help yourself with a moisturizer for ease. The benefits are many and after a few days of massage, you will gain flexibility.

Hand care

If you are a fan of organic and DIY (Do It Yourself: do it yourself), you can use olive oil mixed with a few drops of lavender oil. Put the mixture on all your hands and nails, and let it sit all night in cotton gloves. After washing with fresh water, your hands will be hydrated and nourished deeply.

I hope these tips to find soft hands have served you, do not hesitate to give me your comment.