Every organization has its own culture. As an employer or manager, it’s important to recognize and understand the fact that you are responsible for setting the direction, rules, and values of the company. However, beyond these tangible concepts is the most powerful variable of all – Energy. On a grand scale, you are setting the energetic environment in which all your ideas and dreams are carried out.

Energy is the emotional charge attached to words and actions. It is never what we say, but how we say it. Positive effective communication is what yields a positive vibe and thus a positive corporate culture.

Do not underestimate the ripple effect of energy. This energetic vibration will trickle down to your managing directors, department heads, supervisors, and so on.

Set a positive vibe using effective communication:

1. Speak more in the first party instead of preaching in the third party.

2. Set clear boundaries.

3. Using responsible communication starts with clear dialogue between multiple parties.

4. The repeat rule: A very simple tool for effective communication is asking the other person to repeat back to you what they just heard you say or what they heard you asked them to do. Recognizing that everyone has his or her own internal language and internal brain associations is crucial to effective communication.

Additionally important to your own personal energy in cultivating a positive corporate environment, is managing employee energy. A corporation is made of people. The people who work for the corporation create the products’ or services’ success.

By “managing energy,” I mean managing the thought or the feeling attached to an act, a product or a service. It can be viewed the same way as raising a child with high self-esteem. In essence, a CEO, who is building a business or maintaining a business, is the same as raising a child.

How to manage energy:

1. Smile and say hello to everyone you see. It goes a long way.

2. Know when someone is triggering you (causing you to feel aggravated, annoyed or frustrated) and respond with ability. Responding with ability means to be emotionally responsible and not dump on people.

3. Stay true to your word.

4. Never Gossip about other employees and have a company policy that raises awareness about negative third party communication

5. Avoid Blame and Judgment

Being a leader is more than just running a company or department it’s about setting the vibe. And clearly, as a leader, you can create the corporate culture you desire by simply using your own energy.