We all know that modern life is tough. Longer working hours, the rising cost of living, and austerity Britain with its higher taxes and pay freezes, all add up to spiralling stress levels. According to a survey completed by the office for National Statistics, Britain is in the top three EU countries when it comes to working hours, and the pressure to maintain our earnings and standard of living has never been higher. As if this weren’t enough, the career treadmill can also have an impact on our sleep patterns.

Whether the problem is no work/life balance, exhaustion thanks to the demands of family life, or exam and study stress: if you recognise this picture, then a spa break might be for you. A spa break provides an opportunity to get away from the grind of daily life, giving you a complete escape. It allows you to take a step back and take your nose off the grindstone and regroup yourself. Quite often we only realise just how much is going on in our lives once we take 5 minutes out and at this point it is easier to see whether we are working at full capacity or whether time out at a spa taking a well deserved break will provide a much-earned period to recharge our batteries.

The key to this approach is that it allows your body to reset itself, so that you can relearn good habits which will stand you in good stead when you resume ‘normal life’. It’s all about taking some “me” time and understanding that even with a full range of responsibilities, ultimately, if we are not performing to our best we may start to notice cracks appearing in different areas of our lives where we are failing to devote sufficient time or energy.

Feeling run down can certainly go hand in hand with stress related problems and ailments such as poor sleeping but spa breaks can provide you with an antidote to such modern life madness and here’s how;

Sleep Patterns

One common problem with stress-related insomnia is the inability to break bad sleep habits. Many spas now offer a dedicated sleep package which will allow you, guided by experts, to reassess your sleep patterns and adjust the way you approach sleep so that you move toward a more positive sleep cycle. This could include evening relaxation techniques, cognitive behavioural therapy and advice on a diet best suited to a good nights sleep. Removing yourself from the temptations of laptops, televisions, and smart phones – all of which are overstimulants – will ensure that you allow yourself to switch off and sleep when you want to. Once the sleep experts have helped you crack the cycle, you can return to daily life renewed, refreshed, and with a better understanding of the way bad habits affect our sleep.


Massage is the classic antidote to stress. But there are many other ways to soothe your stress levels. Try a spa boot camp – they’re favoured by reality TV stars but are more and more popular with the general public, for good reason. Or, if sweating for a week isn’t for you, then look into yoga spas. These spas combine physical healing through yoga with mental relaxation through meditation, giving you a holistic experience sure to leave you floating on air. While many spas which focus on this type of mind and body holiday are to be found abroad, the UK is catching up on the trend so if you favour a staycation then there are several options.

At an average spa you could also find a jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, plunge pool as well as beauty treatment rooms offering relaxing treatments such as facials, massages, body wraps, reflexology and more. All of which are designed to give you a full opportunity to maximise on the relaxing time you can have on your time in the spa.

Back to Reality

Finally, of course, there is the perennial dilemma we all face: how can we successfully integrate what we’ve learned into the treadmill of ‘real’ life? If the spa break gave you a glimpse of the better you you’ve been seeking, then why not explore activities like t’ai chi or yoga in your area? More and more local health centres are providing classes which nourish both body and soul, helping you turn a magical week into a sustainable and healthy lifestyle change.

A spa break will immediately conjure thoughts of peace and relaxation, of quiet soothing massages, calming dips in the pool or just some tranquility as you read a novel as you have a pedicure. Spa breaks are synonymous with rest and relaxation and can do wonders to uplift both mind and body and in the hectic way we live our lives these days, such rest and relaxation is seen as a treat but quite often, it should be a necessity.