Almost every health supplement has certain side effects. Even foods that boast of being organic and natural may have negative effects on the body. The same goes with the Acai Berry, even if it IS a miracle fruit. This article will talk about Acai warning signs you’ll need to watch out for.

One of the trendier products sold in the dieting market today, Acai berry is a fruit that can only be found in the forests of South America. Containing high levels of antioxidants, it is commonly used as a detoxing agent and weight loss aid.

You may hear a lot of good things about using Acai Berry products, but do you also know what the common Acai berry side effects are?

The most common Acai side effect is quick weight loss. Since Acai is mainly used for shedding excess body weight, people who consume Acai don’t really consider this a bad thing. But for those who are trying to buff up, Acai may not be the best supplement to take.

Another Acai warning sign is constipation. Aside from antioxidants, Acai also contains a lot of fiber. Fibers is a great nutrient for digestion, but too much of it can cause abdominal problems. Temporary as they may be, it’s often best to think twice about taking Acai when you know you’re already taking in enough fiber.

Having health hiccups is another Acai side effect. This only happens when you stop taking Acai all of a sudden. Like most food supplements, Acai should be taken regularly to fully reap its health benefits. Your body may take some time to adjust when you suddenly take it out of your diet.

These are all the Acai warning signs you’ll need to watch out for. If they don’t apply to you, then go ahead and enjoy Acai’s great health benefits.