Are you having a hard time finding Acai berry products? Supermarkets and local health stores don’t seem to have them. Only a few traditional businesses sell Acai products, and they often charge exorbitant prices for them. But thankfully, finding a great Acai product might be easier than you think.

Acai berries are almost nonexistent locally because some countries do not permit importation of these fruits. Fruits with seeds, for instance, aren’t allowed through United States borders.

Even if your home country allowed importing such fruits, chances are slim that you’ll get the berries fresh. The Acai berry has a very limited shelf life of only 24 hours after picking. Considering that this plant only thrives in Brazil (particularly the Amazon), you’ll have to settle for preserved Acai berry products. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing — some Acai products can be pretty good.

The issue of where to buy Acai berry products isn’t really a challenge — the answer is right at your fingertips. Sellers on the Internet offer a wide variety of Acai products, sending them straight to your doorstep in any part in the world.

Furthermore, Acai products on the Internet are cheaper than those offered in traditional stores. Online companies have smaller overhead costs, which also lets them offer free monthly trials for a few lucky visitors. (Of course, you’ll still have to deal with shipping and handling costs, which are minimal.)

So stop wondering where to buy Acai berry. All it takes to find Acai products is a few careful and thoughtful mouse clicks.