There is one thing that we all know, that is…time will catch up with each of us. What was up, most likely come down. Regardless of what our lifestyles are, or was… we will reap the benefits if we took good care of ourselves.

Naturally there are cases where someone took excellent care of themselves, yet died an early death or ended up in poor health. There are no guarantees in life, only success or failures. But it may help to know that there are no total successes or complete failures. Only attempts. Win or lose, at least you tried.

When a person decides that they are going to change their lifestyle. They are making a commitment to themselves. It may effect others, perhaps their family, their job or even friends, but they re making this undertaking to themselves.

Consciously they want this to be a lifetime obligation and whether they do it or not, that is their promise to their selves.

The Bible tells us that our body is a temple. A temple to be taken care of because it belongs to Him. It also says that He who honor Me, I will honor him.

So, what better fan could we have then the Lord.

In order to succeed in dieting and wanting to lose pounds you must stop hanging around the donut shop. It’s too alluring, too enticing. Hang around a fruit or vegetable bin. Hang with like-minded people. Encircle around others that have the same imagination as you.

You have to be motivated, not artificial motivation because that will only produce artificial results. Everything has to be done in a proper and orderly manner. It’s always been said that no matter what you do have fun with it. This could be a very fun-filled experience for anyone seriously wanting to lose weight.

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