What is the relationship between cannabis and terpenes?

Is there something worth knowing about these two?

Cannabis is a plant that is known by several names and is composed of chemical compounds that are very beneficial. You will hear the names like Sativa and cannabinoid for this plant as well but another name that you might hear is terpenes, the name given to another important chemical compound present in this plant.

Why are terpenes important?

Just like cannabinoids, terpenes are also very much important and have a lot of benefits to offer as well. these compounds are the aromatic compounds that are responsible for giving a specific scent, flavor, and color to the plant. So they can be beneficial both for the plant as well as for the humans in several ways. Not only are these compounds found in plants, but they are also found in some animals. They tend to protect the plants and animals from predators and harsh weather as well.

It has been observed that nearly all the plants have got some percentage of terpenes but the highest one can be found in cannabis, thyme, and citrus fruits. These compounds can be used to make industrial dyes and pesticides as well.

Do the terpenes make you feel high?

Cannabis is known to give you a high feeling as it has got the THC in it that can make you get a high feeling but is that the same case with terpenes? Well, this is not the case with terpenes all the time as they do not affect your brain and they are not psychoactive. However, the presence of THC traces might be responsible for a bit high effect for first-time users. This is the reason why terpenes are used as natural painkillers for subsiding chronic pain. After the restriction has been lifted from the use and sale of cannabis and its compounds, you can now buy terpenes easily from your local market.

However, when you are about to buy the terpenes, make sure that you have checked for the percentage of THC present in them because the higher the concentration of the THC is, the higher would be the effect on your brain. What is advisable, is to always consult a doctor before purchasing any medicine and to tell them your history before it gets too late.