Do you have some habits you would like to change? I would imagine that most of us do. We form habits throughout our life. Many have been with us since childhood. If you are smart (or lucky) you have formed good habits along the way.

Educators and other experts advise us that it is really not too difficult to form good habits and avoid poor ones. So, let’s see if you have some poor eye care habits. If so would like to form some better, more effective ones, then read on.

But what about those poor habits we developed in childhood and since? Just about anyone will admit that it is sometimes difficult to break an unwanted habit. It takes work.

Many of our poor habits began in childhood and often is a lack of proper training. Some behavior, good and bad, is learned by watching parents, teachers, associates and others. These people, although well intentioned, often are not aware of behaviors children mimic that can form poor habits.

We don’t always know how to teach our children good vision habits because we have not learned them.

If parents make the effort to learn eye and vision care at home our children will learn just like they learn brushing their teeth, bathing properly, and encouraging good nutrition.

Most of us were born with relatively good eyesight and healthy eyes. Does it then make sense that poor habits and lack of training contribute to deteriorating vision?

This is true. With some very basic and simple changes we can change some poor habits and form some new good ones and stop eyesight deterioration and possibly some eye disease.

Would you be surprised to know that beginning some regular, simple short eye exercises will help with not only stopping deteriorating vision, but actually improve vision?

This is also true. Would you be surprised to know that if you add eye rest and relaxation to eye exercise your vision can improve? Also true.

If you then add some proper nutrition through foods and possibly other supplements and consultation with an eye professional your doctor may soon be asking you what you are doing that your vision is actually getting better. Now that is something we all want to hear from a doctor.

If you do these things and prove it to be true can you see yourself getting rid of your glasses one day?

Well, in many cases it is absolutely possible. Perhaps, with some simple, but determined effort, you will be one of those who will be able to say: “I used to wear glasses.” Will it be worth the effort if it really happens?

If your vision actually does improve through simple exercise and relaxation methods and making a few nutrition changes, along with a few habits, what does that cost?

Exercise – No Cost

Rest and relaxation for the eyes – No Cost

Proper nutrition – Not much cost

Visit to the Eye Doctor – Some Cost (but you were going to the doctor anyway, right?)