Stress is inevitably a part of our daily life. Good stress is okay but when it becomes much it poses a problem to the individual physically, mentally and to our health. Finding an outlet for stress is something everyone should focus on when stressed up. The following activities can help you relieve stress if rightly followed.


One of the best ways to help relieve stress is by engaging in regular exercise. Exercise helps to enhance the production and release of endorphins which increases the body’s natural well-being feelings. This helps take away any stress feelings naturally.


This is the key to organize any where at any given time. This helps to reduce the tendency of your being stressed up. Giving priority to the most important job and putting your duties and daily activities in writing is a better way to manage your time. Thus giving yourself relief from stress.


This is a very good stress relieving activity as it take’s your focus away from your problems and stressors. friends and family can always provide support and make you feel good and happy when you are together. They can give vital suggestions if you share your problems with them. You can go to the beach or any decent place you feel you can derive happiness from with your friends and family.


Stress makes sleeping difficult while lack of sleep gets us stressed up. Lack of quality sleep can also cause depression, anxiety, impaired memory, reduced immune system as well as weight gain. Getting quality sleep will help one to relax better and relieve stress naturally. Avoid late night TV and phone calls. Endeavor to get the recommended 7 – 9 hours nightly sleep for an average adult.


Vacation gives you a change of scenery as well as an opportunity to relax, taking your mind off any worries. By going to the beach, amusement park, the zoo or other places that are new and different,you get away from every thing familiar that will remind you of what you face in your daily life. You will realize that your stress has melted away. When you get back you become refreshed, energized and ready to go.

Stress is caused by both psychological and physical factors therefore it will be best treated by a combination of activities that are good for the mind and body. Take these necessary steps to relieve your stress and live happy and healthy there after.