I want to show you how you can lose belly fat 37% faster than you are doing right now. but first, lets discuss abit about dieting as a belly fat loss method.

If you have every tried to lose weight by cutting down your food intake drastically you will know by now that this method doesn’t work and can actually be counter productive to your whole weight loss or belly loss program. Many marketers trying to sell you belly fat diet programs will tell you to drastically cut down on the number of calories you take each day.

Here are a few points why this does not work.

  1. Extreme calorie deficient diets cause severe cravings which in time cause you to give up the diet and start eating more food.
  2. Dieting causes the hormone in your body that are responsible for keeping your metabolism high to plummet thus your body actually starts burning less and less calories. This slows down the fat burning process in your body.
  3. Dieting also elevates the fat storing hormones in your body. This is because your body thinks it is starving so it tries to hold on to all the reserve fat it has in the body.

Thus by dieting you may lose some pounds in the beginning, but you will plateau very fast and more likely than not start adding weight again.

There are 2 important tricks to solve the above problems

1. Change the number of calories you eat each 7 days. This acts in tricking your body not to elevate your fat storing hormones and also to keep your metabolism constant. The body will usually catch on to a diet after 7 days, so if you keep fluctuating the number of calories you take the body gets confused and will not change the normal hormone composition.

2. The 2nd trick goes hand in hand with the 1st. Be careful about what you eat. Fruits and Veggies will fill you up while not greatly raising your calorie intake. They also help in fat burning so you should try as much as possible to include them in your diet. Other good foods include omelets, avocado, nuts, green tea and bean.