The new Best Fitness Treadmill 2 will change your way of thinking about having a tread mill at home, till you see this Best Fitness Treadmill 2 you won’t believe it. It indeed is available at a Super price, and it is super convenient to use with super features to match. Owning a treadmill will allow you to exercise according to your own schedule and at the convenience of doing that at home. If you are regular with your daily walking on the treadmill, you will soon reap the rewards that come with consistent usage.

Some of the great features that the Best Fitness Treadmill 2 incorporates in it are:

Health Benefits – It has state of the art functions to help you in your cardiovascular and weight loss activities.

Efficiency/Durability-Its an extremely sturdy piece with a steel frame. The Best Fitness Treadmill 2 is built to last for years – with a warranty to match. It also has strong decks and high quality construction.

Effective Features- Simulated 1/4 mile running track, 9 Pre-set program settings include Hill 1, Hill 2, Warm Up, Cardio, Walk, Climb, Weight Loss 1, Weight Loss 2 and Interval, Pulse Rate is displayed whenever hands are on the pulse rate grip.

Its Dot matrix readouts include speed, distance, time, pulse & estimated calories burnt. 6 window LED display which shows the elevation, time, calories, hand pulse, distance and speed and 9 Pre-set program settings include Hill 1, Hill 2, Warm Up, Cardio, Walk, Climb, Weight Loss 1, Weight Loss 2 and Interval makes this piece a must buy for all fitness lovers.

Convenience – Jog any time you want. Folds easily for storage. Locks in folded position.

Low-Impact Workout – Jogging is hard on your tendons and joints. Best Fitness Treadmill 2 with high-quality technology used in its design, the treadmill will absorb the pounding and ensure a low-impact workout with minimal amount of strain.

This mega powerhouse will accommodate serious runners, and will run smoothly and effortlessly at steep inclines and higher speeds.

If you are struggling to search for an exercise treadmill that would suit your budget and fitness requirements, then your search ends with Best Fitness Treadmill 2. At Regular Price: $1,444.99 but with Savings of – $186.00, it is now being sold at a discounted final price of $1,258.99. Equipped with hi-tech features and electronics that one can only expect from a much more expensive machine. All these benefits come to you at such a modest price, so grab it and let the machine work on you making you fit, healthy and great looking.