Vitamin K is an important nutrient that assist in blood clotting and healthy functioning of vital organs such as the heart and bones. Hence it is highly recommend that we achieve the recommend levels of RDI / DRI for this.

By consuming a single serving portion of vitamin k vegetables, you will be able to have the recommended DRI level of vitamin K.

The DRI recommended level for vitamin K is 120 microgram/day for a 25year old adult. There is no known cases of poisoning regarding overdosage of vitamin K hence do not worry about over consuming.

However, always consume everything in moderation. Better to be safe than sorry and be the first reported case of vitamin K overdosage!

Vitamin K food list consists of mostly dark leafy vegetables. Some high levels of vegetables with vitamin K include

  • spinach 
  • collard greens 
  • broccoli  
  • turnips green 
  • kale
  • salad dressing with dark green veggies
  • asparagus
  • lettuce
  • cabbage

Additional sources of vitamin k come from meats from herbivore, such as cows. They contain vitamin K as they consume dark leafy greens as part of their daily diet.

Usually a single serving of the above vegetables and meats provide ample vitamin K, estimated 2~3 times the DRI required amount. However, ensure that the vitamin K vegetables are lightly cooked to ensure the nutrients remain in the vegetables.

It is extremely rare for vitamin K deficiency to occur as vitamin k are needed in trace amounts and a single serving of green vegetables with vitamin k meets the required DRI level.

However, deficiency of vitamin K is an serious issue. Blood will not be able to clot which can causes  shock even from a small cut.

Individuals taking medications and those who have suffered from liver or intestine damage (surgeries) are at a much higher risk than others to suffer a vitamin K deficiency. Newborn infants falls into this category as well.

Hence, care must be given to ensure the above groups get their regular dosage of vitamin K.


If you are taking medications for blood thinning such as warfarin, it is not recommended to eat the above vegetables in this vitamin k food list as they interfere with each other. It is highly recommended for you to check with your doctor for additional information.

Although vitamin K deficiency is rare, always ensure that you consume enough dark leafy vegetables to maintain the amount of vitamin K in your body.